National Cleaner Production Awards 2019

National Cleaner Production Awards 2019


Guidelines for Submission of Applications

  1. The award programme is open to all enterprises registered in Sri Lanka who are engaged in sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices falling under following categories.
    • Large scale manufacturing organizations ( employ more than 300 workers and the annual turnover more than 750 million rupees)
    • Medium scale manufacturing organizations (employ 51 – 300 workers and the annual turnover in the range of 251 – 750 million rupees)
    • Small scale manufacturing organizations (employ 11 – 50 workers and the annual turnover in the range of 16 – 250 million rupees)
    • Service organizations
    • Public & other institutes

  2. Applications should be submitted with application forms obtained from National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC), 66/1, Dewala Road, Nugegoda on weekdays from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. Any other format, revised version or photo copies of the application form will not be accepted for evaluation. Rs. 250/- will be charged for each set of printed application or otherwise the applications can be freely downloaded from below.

  3. The duly completed application form, sealed in an A4 size envelope with supporting documents (given in the annexure) to substantiate the information given, should be submitted to the National Cleaner Production Centre. “Application for National Cleaner Production Awards 2019” should be written at the top left-hand corner of the envelope for identification purposes. A receipt of acknowledgement should be obtained on submission of the application form.

  4. At the time of submission of application, a participation fee should be paid per application as following: 
    • Large scale manufacturing organizations – Rs. 12,500/-
    • Small, medium and other sectors            – Rs. 7,500/-
  5. A copy of the receipt should be attached to the application. Payment can be made by cash, or by Cheque drawn in favor of “National Cleaner Production Centre”.
  6. An organization having several industrial units, situated at different locations may take part in the awards programme as separate participant. Each participating unit should submit a separate application to enter the programme.

  7. All questions in the application form should be answered. Incomplete applications will not be considered for evaluation. Extra sheets may be used to provide additional information where necessary.

  8. Transport should be provided by the company for evaluation audits.

  9. Applications will close at 4.00 pm on Friday, 25th October 2019. No late submissions will be accepted.

    Application Form
    Kindly provide below details before downloading the application form
    Choose the category from the list
    Guidelines: CP Awards 2019 – Guideline
    Large scale manufacturing: Mfg Large
    Medium scale manufacturing: Mfg Medium
    Small scale manufacturing: Mfg Small
    Service organizations: Mfg Service
    Public & other institutes: Public