National Cleaner Production Centre, Sri Lanka (NCPCSL) was set up by UNIDO in 2002 as a project under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. NCPC, which was funded by Royal Norwegian Government, works very closely with the chambers, to provide the technical support to the industry and business enterprises to prevent pollution and conserve resources in by the application of Cleaner Production (CP) and other proactive environmental management tools.

In 2013, NCPC Sri Lanka was established as a not for profit guarantee company to provide the same services.

Up-to-today, NCPC has conducted approximately 1000 CP assessments in the country. And have trained more than 7000 individuals over last 15 years. Not only had the centre contributed to industries and community, but also they have strengthened policy framework of Sri Lanka.

CP is been taken up as a national priority in Sri Lanka by developing national policies for different sectors;

Cleaner Production general policy

Cleaner Production policy for Agriculture sector

Cleaner Production policy for Health sector

Cleaner Production policy for Tourism sector

Cleaner Production policy for Fisheries sector

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