Energy is critical to organizational operations and can be a major cost. In addition to the economic costs of energy to an organization, energy can impose environmental and societal costs by depleting resources and contributing to problems such as climate change. Improved energy performance can provide rapid benefits for an organization by maximizing the use of its energy sources, thus reducing both energy cost and consumption as well as contribute to mitigate global warming.

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is a voluntary International Standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to provide organizations an internationally recognized framework to manage and improve their energy performance. The standard addresses;

Energy use and consumption

Measurement, documentation, and reporting of energy use and consumption

Design and procurement practices for energy-using equipment, systems, and processes

Development of an energy management plan and other factors affecting energy performance that can be monitored and influenced by the organization.

Adoption of ISO 50001 is important to establish a more systematic and sustainable approach to managing energy within a facility. Conformance to the standard provides proof that a facility has implemented sustainable energy management systems, completed a baseline of its energy use, and committed to continual improvement in energy performance.

Objectives of the programme

Main objective of the programme is to qualify individuals as ISO 50001 consultants fulfilling the demand of the industry. Also enterprises can use this opportunity to train the company personnel to develop ISO 50001 EnMS in the organization.


Upon Completion of the three days training program, a valuable certificate will be awarded to the participants.


Target group of participants for this program include industrial personnel and individuals who involve in energy management.

Total Fee

The total charge for participation will be LKR 14,500/= per person inclusive of course materials, meals and refreshments.

How to apply

The application form is enclosed herewith. The duly completed application form should be sent by e-mail or post to Ms. Sachira Vilochani (ncpctraining[@][@] Upon submission of application, the applicant will be informed to register for the programme by paying the full amount of course fee (i.e. LKR 14,500/=) on or before 27th March 2017. The seats will be reserved upon registration on “first come first served” basis. Hence the prospective participants are kindly requested to submit the application form as early as possible and enroll without delay.

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