Chemicals have made our lives easier and today it is an indispensable resource. However, the increasing usage of chemicals in industrial processes poses a considerable threat to the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) aspects of the organizations. These effects can be observed throughout the supply chain from the point of sourcing to the point of consumption. As the country’s premier provider of sustainability solutions, NCPC has come forward in partnership with UNIDO and Yale University, USA to address these concerns in local industries with its new project on “Green Chemistry and Technologies”

You Can Work With Us in this Project.

An awareness program will be conducted for the general public and for all the stakeholders. This will be the initial introductory session to Green Chemistry concepts and technologies

In order to root the concept within the local industries, a special facilitator team will be elected and a special “Training the Facilitator”, five-day training program will be conducted in January, 2018.

Further, a university curriculum will be developed under the guidance of Yale University. At the end of the project accumulated knowledge will be disseminated through media and brochures.

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