Cleaner Production Consultant Development Training Program - 2018


‘Cleaner Production (CP)’ is a tested proactive environment management tool all over the world during last two decades and has proven for its capacity to enhance the financial, social and environmental bottom lines of organizations. National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC), Sri Lanka has targeted right from its inception in 2002, the national level capacity building in conducting CP assessments in Sri Lanka and has developed more than hundred CP auditors by conducting eight CP auditor training progrmmes. This programme has been updated each year with the local experience gained.

Responding to the continuous demand from the industry and business enterprises of the country, NCPC has planned to conduct a Training Programme on Cleaner Production Assessment Methodology in this year (2018) also according to the UNIDO CP Assessment Methodology in order to develop twenty-five (25) competent CP Consultants.

The Individuals can qualify by following this programme as CP Consultants to practice CP as free-lance consultants fulfilling the demand of the industry. As NCPC also maintain an external faculty to obtain services when conducting CP assessments, the trained individuals can assist NCPC as external resource personnel using their expertise when there is a demand. Enterprises can develop the organizational capacity by training their personnel to use CP as a tool to conduct comprehensive CP assessments in respective organizations in a cost-effective manner.


To developing Capacity in individuals to conduct comprehensive Cleaner Production Assessments.


The Programme consists of an academic component which conducts as Class Room sessions with lectures & case studies and one site visit to a given industry.

Content of the Programme

Introduction to the concept of Cleaner Production and UNIDO Cleaner Production Assessment Methodology

Step 01: Getting started a Cleaner Production Assessment

Step 02: Analyzing Process Steps

(a) Qualitative Analysis

(b) Quantification of resource flows – Data Collection, in-situ measurements, material balance

(c) Evaluation of total loss of economic wastes

Step 03: Generation of CP options

(a) Waste causes & CP Techniques

(b) Brainstorming as a technique for Cause analysis and CP Options generation

Step 04: Selecting CP Options

Screening and Feasibility analysis of CP options

Step 05, 06: Implementation and Sustaining CP

Industry Visit

Report preparation and Presentation

Practical Component

The practical component of the programme consists of one-day site visit to the given industry


Upon Completion of the programme certificate will be awarded to the participants


Target group of participants for this programme include

 Industrial representatives who wish to apply Cleaner Production in respective organizations

 Academic and Research personnel who work on environmental sustainability

 Personnel in public sector organizations that interact with the industry preferably in monitoring and advisory capacity

 Freelance consultants who may wish to practice Cleaner Production

Competencies in handling analytical tools and understand on engineering systems & practices in the organizations are essential. Hence Engineering/Science background, degree or equivalent level minimum, with industry related experience has been specified as the entry requirement for the programme.

Duration & Dates

Consecutive 3 Days from 19th to 21st June 2018


The training programme will be held at Plastic and Rubber Institute (PRI), 341/12, Kotte Road, Rajagiriya.

Total fee

The fee for participation will be LKR. 14,500/= per person inclusive of course materials, industry visits, all meals and refreshments.

Applications and How to enroll?

The Application form can be downloaded from NCPC website. The duly completed application form should be submitted to NCPC office in Nugegoda, send by post or e-mail to Amila Narayana - or Upon submission of Application, the applicant will be informed to register for the programme by paying the full amount of course fee (i.e. LKR 14,500/=). However as only twenty-five (25) paid participants are enrolled for the programme, the seats will be reserved upon registration on “first come first served” basis. Hence the prospective participants are kindly requested to submit the Application form as early as possible and enroll without delay.

Details of the programme and Application form can be downloaded from web site or can be obtained by contacting NCPC office.


Registration form

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