Customer Roundtable - Greening the Supply Chain

Event Description

A half day interactive session will bring together different customers from building and construction sector. The topic of discussion will be on how METABILD project can help greening the supply chain by identifying problems at the supplier’s side and providing solutions by implementing Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) measures. Customers will learn about the Supply Chain Toolkit to track and identify problems in their supply chain in terms of RECP measures.

What is Supply Chain Tool?

The supply chain tool is primarily designed for customers in the metal and construction sector in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. However, the adaptable and easy-to-use framework can be used by companies from other sectors and other countries too. It is a tool to guide companies through the acquaintance of relevant information and the development of a more sustainable supply chain.

This interactive session will be benefiting participants in following ways,

• Best practices: participants will learn more on the successful case studies in Resource Efficient Cleaner Production (RECP) that METABUILD has implemented in Metal industries in Sri Lanka.

• Peer learning: learning with and from each other on challenges and opportunities in building and construction sector in context to suppliers.

• Networking: the event will bring together different customers from the building and construction sector which will allow participants to interact, network and potentially build partnerships.

• Insights to improve supply chain: the newly adopted supply chain tool will give provide more insight on the company’s supply chain and helps companies to visualise their supply chain and the affiliated sustainability issues.


Amarnath Munnolimath works as a Project Manager at adelphi, Germany. He is responsible for planning and implementation of projects in the field of resource efficiency, green finance, sustainability entrepreneurship and waste management. He has more than 7 years of experience in consulting SMEs in Asia and Africa on enterprise value chain, business model and access to finance.


Kindly fill the application form attached below and e-mail the duly completed form to or Please contact Mr. Ruwan Wijemanne (076 316 2449, if you need any further information about this session.


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