Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production Financing in Sri Lanka


The missing options to finance energy efficiency and cleaner production investments have been identified one of the biggest obstacles for the usage of cleaner production measures and technologies on a larger scale. Different actors are currently addressing this issue in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, on behalf of the European Commission`s SWITCH Asia programme a consortium led by TERI from India supports SMEs and financial institutions to identify investments in the cleaner production and cleantech. At the same time financial institutions worldwide complain, that they do not receive sufficiently high-quality loan applications with bankable projects. This issue is also being addressed by the projects mentioned before.


The SWITCH Asia project METABUILD offers on Thursday, 26th July 2018 the first of its kind workshop for Sri Lankan financial institutions with the title ‘Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production Financing’. Financial institutions participating in the workshop will:

• gain insights in the energy efficiency and cleaner production financing market internationally;

• assess the market potential in Sri Lanka;

• identify synergies with the aforementioned programmes and projects;

• develop a first idea for own energy efficiency and cleaner production financing products.

Participating institutions will benefit from a tried and tested methodology, the workshop has been previously held in China, India, Indonesia and Nepal.


Financial institutions in Sri Lanka with an interest to develop new financial products


• Identify opportunities for new financing products internal and external drivers

• Learning about existing cleaner production financing products

• Prototype cleaner production financing products


Rainer Agster is Director Private Sector Cooperation from adelphi in Germany. He has been working in the area of energy efficiency and cleaner production financing for the more than ten years in Asia and Europe. Currently he supports six financial institutions in Europe directly in implementing energy efficiency financing products.



Please contact Iresha Gurusinghe, Technical Expert, NCPC Sri Lanka at or call at +9476 316 2448 to register for this workshop

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