Cleaner Production Consultant Development Training Programme

Course Highlight

‘Cleaner Production (CP)’ is a tested proactive environment management tool all over the world during last two decades and has proven for its capacity to enhance the financial, social and environmental bottom lines of organizations. Cleaner production assessments are conducted all over the world according to UNIDO Cleaner Production Assessment Methodology. National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC), since its inception in 2002 has trained and developed more than two hundred CP consultants by conducting this programme annually. This programme has been upgraded from time to time with the local experience gained.

Course Objectives

Responding to the continuous demand from the industry and business enterprises of the country, NCPC has planned to conduct this Training Programme based on UNIDO Cleaner Production Assessment Methodology. The main objective of conducting this programme is developing Capacity at National level in Sri Lanka to undertake Cleaner Production Assessments.

Individuals can qualify by following this programme as CP Consultants to practice CP as free-lance consultants fulfilling the demand of the industry. As NCPC also maintain an external faculty to obtain services when conducting CP assessments, the trained individuals can assist NCPC as external resource personnel using their expertise when there is a demand. Enterprises can develop the organizational capacity by training their personnel to use CP as a tool to conduct comprehensive CP assessments in respective organizations in a cost-effective manner.