OneStepGreenerSriLanka is a collaborative effort of Colombo Closet an online responsible sustainable start-up in Sri Lanka together with the National Cleaner Production Centre, Sri Lanka.

It’s about promoting and practising 100 green actions over a period of 100 days, with the objective of

  • Introducing Circular Economy to the masses
  • To make the country more aware of the impending climate crisis and the decisive decade
  • To encourage them to initiate a lifestyle change for the betterment of the Planet

We strongly believe that if we are to avert the course of the impending crisis – every single human being must start changing their habits.

And we feel that spreading of this message should be expedited if we are to adapt ourselves as a nation for the impending climate crisis in time.


How it works

  • It’s a HUNDRED-DAY challenge towards embracing a greener lifestyle. A list of green steps the participants can adhere to is available in NCPC’s web portal. Click the following link to download or scroll down to view.
    Click here to download
  • The participants will get an opportunity to pick actions of their liking and share details of smaller steps they take towards a greener Sri Lanka: whether its waste management, planting a tree or switching into circular fashion, the list can be endless.
  • The participants will continue to do this as many days as possible for a maximum of 100 days while sharing them on social media (at least two entries a week)
  • The lucky winners will be chosen from those who showcase their highest contribution towards a greener planet under the hashtag #onestepgreenersl.
  • To encourage them to initiate a lifestyle change for the betterment of the Planet.
    It can be videos / images, a thought word or a deed.
  • The contribution should be posted on their personal FB pages and the same should be shared on “One Step Greener” Sri Lanka FB group too.  
  • Tag at least 10 friends whom you think would like to receive goodies from Colombo Closet that beats brand new.
  • You can download the One step Greener Sri Lanka Logo from the following url and use it on your content.
    Logo 1 – Black
    Logo 2 – White
  • Quality images and content posted by you will be used for promotional purposes too.
  • The activities will be monitored by NCPC to ensure transparency.
  • A final count of twenty people will be selected for the final round based on their activity levels during the campaign. They will be tested on the knowledge and experience they have collected from the whole exercise and finally the winners will be announced.
  • The winners will be offered an enticing gift package of clothes by courtesy of Colombo Closet.


100 Actions 100 Days