What is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in simpler terms, is the analysis of environmental impacts during the life cycle (raw material acquisition to end of life) of a product or service. All environmental impacts caused in different life cycle stages can be assessed using this tool. For example, through performing a Life Cycle Assessment for a product from raw material extraction stage to final disposal, all environmental impacts can be quantified. Therefore, any effects posed on the environment including humans over the lifetime of a product or service can be assessed.

This technique can help businesses to introduce sustainability by identifying environmentally friendly products and services. By performing Life Cycle Assessments, it is possible to make decisions on improvements which benefit both the environment and the business. Through shifting to environmentally friendly alternatives, the company status and image can be improved while also obtaining increased business profits due to reduced wastages, thus minimizing the need to treat waste and decreasing the need for large amounts of raw material due to increased resource efficiency.

Many parts of the world are now increasingly following Life Cycle Assessments due to the sense of responsibility towards building a sustainable world along with the United Nations Environment Programme-Life Cycle Thinking Approach. All Life Cycle Assessments are carried out according to the international standards, ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. With technical advancements, Life Cycle Assessments are now carried out using software and databases making the process much easier. Therefore, Life Cycle Assessments are of global value and would be beneficial towards the future. There is more than 20 such software tools in the world, but most popular tools are SimaPro (from Netherlands) and Umberto software (from Germany). OpenLCA (from Germany) is freely available version.

About the training programme

This training programme is design to discuss entire LCA methodology including

1. Goal and scope definition
2. Life cycle inventory analysis (LCI)
3. Life cycle impact assessment (LCIA)
4. Life cycle interpretation

according to the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards.

The course has dedicated more than 50% of its time to undertake practical exercises and demonstrations using the leading software tools SimaPro, Umberto and openLCA.

LCA is the most advance environmental management tool. It is now only picking-up in Sri Lanka and lot of companies are now going for LCA. However only very few competent professionals are there in Sri Lanka to conduct LCA and most of them are university academics. The available of the software tools are very much limited in Sri Lanka.

NCPC Sri Lanka has competent staff and equipped with leading software tools to conduct the LCA. During this training course NCPC Sri Lanka share its wealth of experience of conducting LCA for industries.

How to Apply

Kindly confirm your participation by sending the filled registration form attached below to maheshi.ncpc@gmail.com or nadeeshani.ncpc@gmail.com.
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