About NCPC

National Cleaner Production Centre of Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka NCPC) is the foremost Cleaner Production solutions provider in Sri Lanka. NCPC Sri Lanka has successfully built global partnerships with international agencies such as UN Environment, UNIDO, European Union Switch Asia, GIZ, GEF and many more to facilitate a stronger sustainability exposure and knowledge sharing locally. NCPC Sri Lanka is registered as a nonprofit company under the act. No. 7 of 2007.

Our history

The centre was established by UNIDO under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce to assist enterprises in adopting Cleaner Production (CP). Founded in early 2002, Sri Lanka NCPC has approximately fifteen (15) years of experience in promoting Resource Efficient & Cleaner Production (RECP) and in various industry and business sectors in the country.

Our Footprint in Sri Lanka

  • 1st National level capacity building on Eco-design in Sri Lanka

    in 2003

  • 1st National level capacity building in Life Cycle Assessment in Sri Lanka

    in 2005

  • 1st Sri Lankan Roundtable on Sustainable Consumption and Production (SLRSCP 1) in Sri Lanka

    in 2003

  • 11st National Environmental Awards programme in Sri Lanka in 2007 – National Cleaner Production Awards

  • 1st Pilot application of Chemical leasing in Sri Lanka

    in 2008

  • 1st Capacity building training in Responsible Production in Asia

    in 2010

  • 1st Pilot application of Responsible Production in the world

    in 2011

  • 1st Pilot application of Eco-innovation in the world

    in 2013

  • 1st Pilot application of Green Chemistry in the world

    in 2017

  • Development of 1st Sri Lankan database on Life Cycle Inventory (LCI)

    in 2017/2018

  • 1st National level capacity building on Eco-labelling in Sri Lanka

    in 2018

  • Developing 1st Accredited Green Product certification scheme in Sri Lanka

    in 2018

Our vision

To build a greener nation through responsible consumption and cleaner production process

Our mission

To strengthen the sustainability efforts of the government, companies and other organizations

Our objectives

Foster North-South and South-South collaboration and transfer methods, policies and technologies

Our values

Global Recognition

Global partnerships with UN Environment, UNIDO, European Union Switch Asia, GIZ, GEF and many more international organizations


NCPC is a registered Consultant organisation under the Central Environmental Authority to provide Environmental Services


Over last 16 years, NCPC Sri Lanka has been extensively working with different industries helping them to improve their cost competitiveness