What is Eco Labelling?

“Ecolabelling” is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification and labelling that is practiced around the world. An ecolabel identifies products or services proven environmentally preferable overall, within a specific product or service category.

“Eco Label-Sri Lanka” certification provides you with a competitive edge

Uncertainty around environmental claims is all too common – but Eco Label certification cuts through the greenwash. We make it easy for architects, specifiers, procurement professionals and consumers to decide if a product really is as environmentally responsible as it claims to be.

“Eco Label-Sri Lanka “shows your product is better for the environment, has a lower impact on human health and has been ethically made. Our Eco Label gives consumers, including suppliers and procurement teams, confidence that the products and services have been through an independent third-party assessment.

We’re proud of our robust certification scheme

Did you know that Eco Label-Sri Lanka is run by National Cleaner Production Centre Sri Lanka (NCPCSL) as the only Sri Lankan member of Global Eco Label Network (GEN)?

NCPC Eco Labelling Programme is the first national green product certification scheme and the most successful and influential ecolabelling program in Sri Lanka. With the support provided by the UN Environment Consumer information programme and technical inputs from Eco Mark, Japan, this program has been initiated.

Following ISO 14024 principles for global best practices in lifecycle ecolabelling, and the technical support from matured International Eco Label programmes through GEN membership, we have developed rigorous voluntary standards with sector experts, which are then independently and critically reviewed and approved by the Governing Council which is represented by high-level officials from the government, industry, academia and other sectors. All NCPC Eco Label standards include comprehensive sustainability criteria related to the environment, human health, social issues, and fitness for purpose.

Global Recognition for “Eco Label – Sri Lanka”

NCPC Eco-Label is widely respected and recognized locally and Internationally as NCPC is a member of RECP net and is founded by UNIDO and UNEP.

NCPC Eco Labelling Scheme is the only one Sri Lankan member of Global Eco Label Network (GEN) and it is technically supported by matured and leading Eco Labelling programmes in globally.

Our ecolabel gives consumers, including suppliers and procurement teams, confidence that the products and services have been through an independent third-party assessment.

Eco Label certification has many benefits

Give your business a green advantage

Show your products meet world-class environmental standards

Demonstrate your leadership in sustainability

Increase the procurement channels of your products and services

We build recognition and actively promote your business

Adding advantages to our clients…

Our team is highly skilled and uses a holistic approach to address sustainability issues and their foremost expertise on Resource efficiency & Cleaner Production, adding advantages to our clients to improve their benefits to Businesses by cost savings through less waste.

It’s simple to get certified

Submit your application form with required documents mentioned in the Application

We’ll review your documents and conduct Onsite verification Assessment/s in line with our standards to give independent third-party assurance for your products.

If your assessment is successful, your business will be awarded a “Eco Label- Sri Lanka” licence certificate and be able to use our ecolabel on your products.

Apply today and get the “Eco Label” certification that your product deserves

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  • Tea Products
  • Construction Chemicals
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Eco Label Certification for Dairy Products



Certification Criteria for Dairy Products

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Pre Verification questionnaire

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Application form

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Eco Label Certification for Tea Products



Certification Criteria for Tea Products

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Pre Verification questionnaire

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Application form

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Register of certified products


SectorCertificate NoDate of Issue Name of Company & Address Product Category
Life Cycle Stages
ProductsBrand NameValidity period
Dairy SectorEL-DP-01-2021 16-08-2021Richlife Dairies Ltd Pirivena Road, Molligoda, Wadduwa
Dairy ProductsReceiving, Collection, Chilling & Transportation of Raw Milk and Manufacture and Dispatch of Dairy ProductsFull Cream Pasteurized Milk, Flavoured Full Cream Pasteurized Milk, Flavoured Set Yogurt,Stirred Yoghurt, Dairy Desserts (Set Kiri, Kiri Peni), Flavoured Drinking Yogurt, UHT TreatedTetra Packed Full Cream Milk, Flavoured UHT Treated Tetra Packed Milk, Swiss Cheese,Gouda Cheese, Feta Cheese, Paneer, Cheese Spread (Regular & Flavoured), Processed Cheese,Processed Cheese Slices, Cheese Wedges (Regular & Flavoured) and Sun Gold UHT Treated Tetra Fruit NectarRich Life
Tea SectorEL-TP-01-202118-10-2021Horana Plantation PLC, Deans Road, ColomboTea ProductsTea Cultivation , Manufacturing and dispatch of tea productsBOP, BOP Special, BOPF, DUST, Dust 1, FNGS, FNGS 1, OP,OP 1, PEKOE,PEKOE 1,OPA,FBOP,FBOP 1,BOP 1
BOPA, BOP 1A, BM, FBOPF,FBOPF 1,FBOPF SP,FBOPF EX SP 1, BP, Sliver tips Golden tips
Horana Plantations (covering the Locations of Alton Estate, Fairlawn Estate, Gouravila Estate, Mahanilu Estate, Stockholm estate, Bambrakelly Estate, Eildonhall Estate, Tillicoultry Estate)18-10-2024

Terms and Conditions for Maintaining Eco Labelling Certification

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Rules & Procedures

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Rules for use of NCPC Eco label

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Fee structure for Eco label

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Complaints & disputes

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