The LCA Forum (LCAF), Sri Lanka

The LCA Forum (LCAF), Sri Lanka is the National platform for the LCA professionals and practitioners in the country with the objective of enabling the national use of credible life cycle knowledge by private and public decision makers. It is committed to raising the capacity and extend the professionalism of the LCA practitioners and its services towards Sustainable Development Goals of the country.

LCAF hosted by NCPC, Sri Lanka, the LCAF is at the interface between users and experts of Life Cycle approaches. It provides a national forum to ensure a science-based, consensus-building process to support decisions and policies towards the shared vision of sustainability as a public good. It delivers authoritative opinion on sound tools and approaches by engaging its steering committee (including government, Industry, scientific and international organizations).

The LCAF facilitates the application of life cycle knowledge in the national sustainable development agenda in order to achieve global goals.

General Objectives of the LCAF, Sri Lanka
  • to enhance knowledge and capacity on Life Cycle thinking and Life Cycle Assessment among the LCA Community in the country (Knowledge exchange)

  • to foster communication between LCA Professionals/Practitioners;

  • to encourage and promote interdisciplinary research with a view of increasing scientific understanding of environmental issues;

  • to provide an enabling platform to discuss LCA based Environmental/sustainability assessment and LCA infrastructure development related issues;

  • to encourage and to publish LCA related Environmental publications