Project Details

  • Current status of the project:                     Ongoing
  • Project funded by:                                 CEFAS
  • Project started on:                                2023
  • Project completion:                                2024
The National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC), Sri Lanka, proudly initiated its one-year project, “Waste Audit Framework Creation and Waste Baseline Data Collection in Sri Lanka,” funded through the Ocean Country Partnership Programme (OCPP).

In Sri Lanka, the lack of comprehensive waste-related data poses a significant challenge to effective waste management strategies. The absence of detailed information on waste generation, composition, and disposal patterns hinders the developments of targets and sustainable solutions at the national level. Without accurate data, authorities and policymakers face difficulties in implementing efficient waste management practices and developing appropriate infrastructure. Moreover, the insufficient data impedes the assessment of environmental impacts and the identification of areas that require immediate attention.

In response to this challenge, the National Cleaner Production Centre Sri Lanka, with invaluable technical support from the Centre for Environment, Fisheries, and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS) in the United Kingdom, embarked on this transformative project. The project focuses on two key components: developing a Waste Audit Framework and conducting comprehensive Waste Baseline Data Collection. Working closely with the Sri Lankan government and relevant stakeholders, NCPC, Sri Lanka aims to align the waste audit framework with governmental objectives while simultaneously implementing an island-wide waste characterization programme.

Under the project in-person surveys and waste audits will be conducted across urban, semi-urban, and rural areas. The in-person surveys aim to target a minimum of 700 households and 300 businesses across all districts. The waste audits will explore deeper, requiring households and businesses to collect, weigh, and categorize their solid waste during the audit process. The audits aim to cover a minimum of 125 households and 50 businesses across all districts. This meticulous process aims to obtain a comprehensive understanding of current waste management practices and infrastructure.

As the National Cleaner Production Centre, Sri Lanka takes the reins, the OCPP project sets the stage for a transformative journey. The establishment of a Waste Audit Framework and the thorough collection of baseline data signify a crucial juncture in Sri Lanka’s commitment to sustainable waste management. The data-driven approach promises not only to address immediate waste challenges but also to lay the groundwork for a resilient and sustainable future for the island nation.

NCPC Sri Lanka is happy to receive comments or suggestions regarding the project. Please do not hesitate to contact the Project Manager, Eng. Samantha Kumarasena ( or the Project Coordinator, Mr. Asela Ruwan Kumara (