A cleaner production audit is often the first step towards managing, controlling and improving the environmental performance of a company. If a company was not previously concerned about the environmental impacts of its production, an audit is the best way to establish the actual status and determine the best approach to reducing waste, wastewater and emissions. It analyses and quantifies input, output and waste generation at each step of a production process. As a proactive environmental measure CP helps companies to comply with rules and regulations. There are three types of audits focuses on improving resource efficiency.

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Walk through assessments

These audits take a relatively short time and the results are more general, providing common opportunities for energy efficiency

Short CP Assessments

Material, Water and Chemical usage of the company are studied extensively to provide more specific recommendations for improvements.

Comprehensive CP Assessments

An energy audit is also carried along with Material, Water and Chemical consumption studies to provide a more comprehensive study about the production process and the improvement opportunities.