The objective of this course

This training programme will make the individuals competent enough to manage energy use and conserve energy in the organization. A trained individual will also be able to offer sound advice that could make a difference.

What is Energy Management?

Energy Management is the process of monitoring, controlling, and conserving energy in a building or an organization. Typically, this involves the following steps.

  • Metering energy consumption and collecting data
  • Finding opportunities to save energy and estimating energy saving potentials
  • Taking action to realize energy saving potentials (I.e. tackling the routine waste and replacing or upgrading the inefficient equipment).
  • Tracking the progress by analyzing meter data to make sure that the energy-saving efforts have been effective.

What is the Role of an Energy Manager?

The role of an Energy Manager is to create a culture within an organization with the assistance of employees at all levels, and thereby make energy efficiency a regular business practice.

How this training programme is planned to meet the desired learning outcomes?

Taking part in this training programme will help an individual to gain an insight into the country’s most experienced and leading engineers. The resource panel selected are ensured to be the country’s most leading engineers which could help the participants to gain additional knowledge on the industry as well.

This six-days, 4-hour sessions (24 hours) programme consists of lectures provided by the island’s leading engineers in the relevant fields. Due to the country’s prevailing situation, we have decided that the safest way to conduct the training programme is in a virtual manner. These sessions will be held from the 7th to the 9th & 14th to the 16th of September from 9 am to 1 pm.

The participants will be evaluated with continuous assessment during the course and certificate will be issued upon successful completion of the course.

The course content will be following the guidelines provided by the SLSEA. The course content is given below.

  • Energy & environment renewable energy technologies
  • Electricity generations, energy flow & electricity load management
  • Energy conservation in office & domestic application, air conditioning
  • Energy codes & standards
  • Energy saving in pump, fans & motors
  • Energy efficient steam generation & distribution
  • Monitoring & evaluation and reporting

What is the investment?

The subsidized fee for the participation will be LKR 18,500 00 per person inclusive of all taxes.

Process of submitting applications and enrolment

Kindly confirm your participation by sending the filled registration form attached below to or Application form- Click here to download

For more information kindly contact Eng. Jonathan Nithiananthan 074 023 9337 or Ms. Nadeeshani Fernando, +94 76310046

We at National Cleaner Production Centre, strongly believe a training programme on Energy Management should include the leading engineers of the energy sector in the country as the resource persons. So, we went ahead and got them for our training programme.

Introducing, our resource persons for the training programme!