Project Details

  • Current status of the project: Completed
  • Project partner: Eco Invent | Switzerland
  • Project started date: 2018
  • Project completion date: July 2019

NCPCSL partnership with ECO Invent currently implement this project under the framework of UNEP programme entitled ‘The Life Cycle Initiative: enabling global use of life cycle knowledge to support decision making for Sustainable Consumption and Production at global level’. The desired final outcome of the project is to develop national LCA database roadmap and to further develop the Technical Helpdesk for National LCA Databases for this purpose. In order to support decision-making based on Life Cycle Thinking by public and private entities, the enabling conditions for the availability of LCA data will be enhanced through road mapping exercises.

The main Activities Undertaken

  • Baseline assessment and stakeholder mapping
  • Roadmaps and databases development
  • Dissemination/launch of results
  • Contribution to the Technical Helpdesk for National LCA databases