Climate Change…?

As the most pressing challenge we are facing in this century, climate change has resulted in many adverse impacts on human existence. It is the greenhouse gases, primarily stemming from the global expanse of industrial activities, that shoulder the responsibility for this climatic change. In order to combat the challenges and threats it has brought upon; the first step is to account the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and take necessary actions to mitigate this problem.

What is Carbon Footprint?

Carbon footprint is the indicator that interprets your contribution to climate change which leads to the global challenge. This quantifies the total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an individual, organization, event, or product. Currently, carbon footprint quantification is based on ISO 14064-1-2:2018 and ISO 14067: 2019 revised standards and can be certified with a third-party.

Why this course…

National Cleaner Production Center, Sri Lanka has conducted the Consultant Development Training Program on Quantification of Carbon Footprint throughout the years responding to the continuous demand from industries and professionals including freelance consultants.
We are now calling applications for the 10th consecutive training program on Consultant development in carbon footprint quantification.
Course Content;

  • Requirements of ISO 14064-1:2018 GHG inventory management, Quality management and report preparation etc.
  • International standards, protocols, guidelines and methodologies for CFP quantification/li>
  • Requirements of ISO 14067:2018
  • In-class exercises on both organizational and product-level carbon footprint
  • Calculation of Carbon Footprint of an organization, products & project with accordance to ISO 14064
  • Project level measures for GHG removals (Conducting case studies based on existing scenarios of the factory)
  • Quantification of GHG removals and offsetting procedures
  • International finance approach for low carbon projects

This 5 day training program consists of an online session on 13th November, in-class sessions on 14th, 15th, and 17th November at Waters Edge, Battaramulla, and an onsite industry assessment on 16th November 2023.

Onsite Industry Assessment

The practical component of the program consists of a field exercise on data collection, Carbon Footprint calculations, and identification of GHG emissions reduction measures in an organization.

Performance Evaluation

Performance of the participants will be evaluated continuously with attendance, assignments, quizzes given at the end of each day.


Upon successful Completion of the programme certificate will be awarded to the participants at the end of the program.

Eligibility for persons Certifications Scheme

Participants who have successfully completed the course will be eligible to get certified under the accredited scheme of ISO 17024:2012. Certified Persons will be awarded with locally and internationally valid certificate and identity card with a registration after successful completion of the assessment process.

Total Fee

The fee for participation will be LKR. 48,500/= per person inclusive of course materials, industry visits, all meals and refreshments.

Applications and How to enroll?

Participants can apply by filling the application form attached. More details of this programme are given in the brochure annexed.
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A downloadable description of the programme is attached below.
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For more information kindly contact Ms. Nadeeshani Fernando +94 76310046