National Environment Policy 2021

National Environment Policy 2021

Calling for Public Comments on the National Environment Policy 2021

Since the formulation of the National Environment Policy (NEP) in 2003, significant changes have taken place, nationally and globally that affect our environment too. Economic, social, and cultural factors that give rise to changes in the environment have also evolved. New environmental challenges have emerged, and scientific knowledge on the subject has increased significantly. For instance, the threat of climate change, which has emerged a major national issue during the recent period, has not sufficiently been covered in the NEP 2003.

Accordingly, the necessity of updating the NEP has been stressed by many parties highlighting the changing priorities of environmental management, new challenges emerged since the formulation of NEP 2003. The Ministry of Environment, considering these changes that have taken place since the formulation of NEP in 2003, recognized the necessity of updating the NEP.

Drafted National Environment Policy (2021) is published for the public comments through the Ministry official website and the Ministry of Environment wishes to obtain your comments and suggestions on or before 2021.09.18

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