Webinar on “Restoration of the Ecosystems – Corals, Forests & River Systems”

Webinar on “Restoration of the Ecosystems – Corals, Forests & River Systems”

About World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated since 1974 on 5th June in an effort to address pressing environmental issues through worldwide awareness and action for the environment. It has developed into a global platform for raising awareness on urgent issues such as marine pollution, forest degradation, global warming, resource depletion, wildlife crime etc. Millions of people have taken part over the years in different activities which drive changes in the current patterns of human engagement with environment. This year, the World Environment Day is celebrated on the theme of ‘Ecosystem Restoration’ and focus on resetting our relation with nature.

What is Ecosystem?

Ecosystems are the web of life on Earth. They comprise of all the living organisms, the interactions among them and with their surroundings such as forests, rivers, wetlands, grasslands, estuaries and coral reefs. Natural ecosystems are important not only for keeping the earth alive, but also for the physical and mental wellbeing of human kind. Ecosystem loss is one of the key issues discussed which affects to reduce world’s carbon sinks, like forests, marine environment and peatlands. Global greenhouse gas emissions also have grown for the past consecutive years as a result and the planet is now facing catastrophic climate change. Ecosystem degradation is already affecting the well-being of at least 40% of the world’s population.

Ecosystem Restoration

With the emerging concerns and issues, ecosystem restoration activities are taking place all around the world. It means, assisting in the recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded or destroyed, as well as conserving the ecosystems that are still intact. Moreover, ecosystem restoration contributes to the achievement of all 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, including the elimination of poverty and hunger.
NCPC Sri Lanka has organized a webinar on “Restoration of the Ecosystems – Corals, Forests & River Systems” to celebrate World Environment Day 2021. It focuses on to share the country specific experience highlighting some implementation activities carried out in three different dimensions.


Has the ‘Eco-systems Restoration’ been tested in Sri Lanka?

Because, in this striking topic, country specific experience is the most vital lesson to learn. Therefore, NCPC, Sri Lanka invited practitioners to the table…

The Webinar on “Restoration of the Ecosystems – Corals, Forests & River Systems” was successfully held to celebrate World Environment Day 2021. Country specific experiences were shared by the practitioners with the audience of more than 125.

The resource persons highlighted the facts;

  • Conservation of Inland water bodies is very important. With the Surakimu Ganga programme, it will be executed to restore and conserve our river systems with national and provincial level programmes in future.
  • Holistic approach in carrying out restoration activities will make a bigger impact- the passionate case study from Dilmah Tea.
  • A collection of approaches is needed to restore the coral reefs i.e. conservation, awareness, education and management together with the coral transplanting.