Awareness Programme on “Eco Labelling – Global Experiences” – Presented by Eco Mark, Japan and Ecological Union, Russia

What is Eco Labelling? Ecolabelling is a voluntary method of environmental performance certification, a labelling that is practiced around the world. An ecolabel identifies products or services proven to be environmentally preferable within a specific category. Global Context of Ecolabelling In more than 50 territories and countries around the world, independent, third-party tested ecolabels exist […]

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Webinar on “Restoration of the Ecosystems – Corals, Forests & River Systems”

About World Environment Day World Environment Day is celebrated since 1974 on 5th June in an effort to address pressing environmental issues through worldwide awareness and action for the environment. It has developed into a global platform for raising awareness on urgent issues such as marine pollution, forest degradation, global warming, resource depletion, wildlife crime […]

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Training programme on Eco–Innovation methodology for Industries

National Cleaner Production Centre Sri Lanka conducted one – day training program on Eco – Innovation methodology for industries which are in the chemical sector supply to the construction sector. Participants were trained from 12 selected organizations in the supply chain including Bitumix (Pvt) Ltd, Multichemi International Ltd, Samson Rajarata Tiles (Pvt) Ltd, Union Chemicals […]

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